Tilelander S60 3.0

Multi-platform tile thriller


  • Graphics
  • Various styles of gameplay
  • Colours


  • Takes a little time to understand all options

Very good

Tilelander is an award-winning arcade game as colourful, as addictive and as challenging as anything you will have ever played. Ultimately your objective is to save Tileland from the invasion of the evil Xyzon empire by filling land with tiles (which destroys anything in the space) and by using special tools like blasts and guns.

And this is where Tilelander is a little different to anything else. Because not only is it a platform strategy game that sees you control a little space craft but it also contains multiple 'space invaders' style levels and puzzles.
The graphics are incredibly simple and slick and the music and sound effects add a spacey air of isolation. At first it feels difficult to understand.
But the action soon gets going. Basically you need to direct the craft around the screen. The craft feeds tiles out and you need to join up these large lines of tiles to form solid areas, when the outlines are joined the inside fills with coloured tiles, which destroy everything inside.
Along the way there are shooting blocks which you can fire from by hitting. When everything is destroyed or when you reach the special blocks you move to the next level.
Perhaps it's best to get playing because there is a lot to this game to explain. There are over 70 levels including world maps and celebrity faces!

Tilelander is a surprising game that can be played as a puzzle or as an action game - it's up to you whether to play in a relaxed mood or with a furious attitude!

Save Tileland from the invasion of the evil Xyzon empire by filling tile areas and using special items such as blasts, remote controls and generators to complete level after level.



Tilelander S60 3.0

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